My #opinion: #Financial #Times and #Social #Media – Continued. @ftsrilanka if you’re listening..

Alright so I had a look at some of the stuff they’ve done, and I realize they’re getting somewhere. Its nice to see them attempting the whole two way interaction and listen/respond basics of marketing through the sophistication of social media.

Although I didn’t quite buy the idea of flipping virtual pages on a Flash-based webpage, it did give me an indication of the type of content and layout to expect on the print version. Why didn’t I buy it? Cause I simply could not link directly (via permalink, for example) to an article or piece of content. Those are some of the basic features that make Web 2.0 work – and news sites are among the first to adopt this sort of thing. But, since they are on a thing to ‘listen’ via Twitter and FB, I’m anticipating some feedback from followers and hopefully some transformation on their online presence.

So, the plus points? They are trying. They are listening. First (or among the first) Sri Lankan businesses to ‘listen’ to the masses. Great stuff.