An observation: The #Financial #Times, #Social #Media and #Sri #Lanka. #LKA

Today (technically, yesterday) I ran into, which seems to have been set up by Wijeya Newspapers Ltd, the publisher of The Daily Mirror and it’s Financial Times supplement. They’re on a mission of their own to gather public opinion about FT going solo as an independent standalone newspaper, rather than playing baggage to the Daily Mirror itself.

To me, it seemed very Interesting to note that the publisher has utilised, or at least shown some interest in leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter (@ftsrilanka) and a web-based forum to achieve its objective.

In short, they seem to be showing some serious consideration to social media, which is relatively new among the critical mass in this part of the world. I think it’d be fair to assume FT to be among the first major Sri Lankan brands to embrace social media in a fairly serious manner. This is in no way to say that consumers in Sri Lanka are new to the concepts of SM. In fact, they’ve done it pretty well, despite the lack of business/commercial push, that is until now. FT just seems to be among the first few to tap into this potential gold mine of opinions.. Which makes me wonder how many more businesses or brands will now follow suite…

It would be interesting to watch how FT’s efforts materialize into conversations and ultimately a follower-base for the brand. Most importantly, I’d love to see how they would apply the feedback they receive towards their product.. (which is ultimately what a brand leveraging SM would be expected to do, right?)

Let’s wait and see..

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(Written off my phone while trying to doze off… Please excuse the grammar or spelling errors, as there would be many…while at the same time, if you’ve reached this far into reading, please share your views about Sri Lanka and its Social Media space. Thanks!)