Why am I tweeting so much about #Sri #Lanka?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter for long enough, you’d know that I tweet quite a lot about technology and business, especially of news pertaining to #Apple.

Lately, ‘Sri Lanka’ has taken a large part of my ‘tweeting’ focus, due to it’s political and post-war landscape. More recently, matters involving Sri Lanka’s (straining) diplomatic ties, refugees on boats bordering Australia, GSP+ and similar developments have made the island nation blip on more radars than it ever did during a near three-decades of civil unrest.

Being a Sri Lankan by birth and due to commercial and personal interests in the country, I have been observing the direction it has taken during this very tense period where development and the ‘right decisions’ are crucial to the country’s emergence in the post-war era. My tweets are representative of this observation and I share them for the interest of Sri Lankans and the broader global audience who share a similar interest.

Beyond this, my passion for tweeting around the topics that matter to me, from business, technology and the Mac remains just as strong. Hopefully, I’ll have a lot more to share in the days ahead!

Thank you for following! :)